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Cloud Bookkeeping

In recent months there has been a lot of talk about the “cloud” but not everybody really knows what the cloud means and if a business owner does not know, it could be costing them money by not knowing. Basically, the cloud refers to a very large server which allows businesses or anyone to store their data in the cloud rather than having to maintain their own servers. The cloud had been being used for many purposes but only recently has software been designed that allows for an online bookkeeper, using the cloud as the storage facility for that bookkeeping.

The accounts or books of most businesses contain so much data that most businesses would have to buy their own server in which to keep all that data. This meant that a business that did have its own server would also have the expense of maintaining that server plus, they would always want to back up those books incurring yet more expense. With the introduction of the cloud and cloud bookkeeping software, no business that makes use of both needs to have their own server or the expenses which go with one.

Cloud bookkeeping software will function in a similar way to previous bookkeeping software which required a server to store the information but as the new software is purposely developed to interact with cloud technology, no additional server is now needed. As the cloud is internet based, a business’s books are therefore kept on the internet, in these secure clouds. The software will open a cloud account for the business and then that account can be accessed from anywhere that has an internet connection and at any time as the internet is open 24/7. Not only does this allow businesses to connect more of their staff, as needed, to bookkeeping information without them having to have access to the business’s network but it also allows staff to access the books whilst away on a business meeting. No longer does an executive have to worry about downloading the correct bookkeeping information they will need for a meeting onto their laptop, they now merely access the relevant information online, from the cloud account, as and when they need it. As access to the account is limited to those that are given its details by the business, the account information is perhaps even more secure than it would have been sitting on a laptop that could get lost or stolen.

If a business owner today is not yet aware of what cloud technology is about and how it can save their business money, it is perhaps time they found out and if necessary, switch to a cloud bookkeeping software so as to relieve themselves of the burden and expense of a server and the worries as to if the books have been backed up sufficiently and regularly enough. Most software will automatically back up all data on a daily basis which is usually adequate for most businesses, ensuring they have no problems with lost accounting data.