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CPA Courses

CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant and is one of the highest certifications someone can receive in the accounts profession. There are other certifications such as Certified Management accountant (CMA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or even Enrollment Agent (EA) but still CPA is well respected and is a prestigious certification. As would be expected with a certification as prestigious as a CPA, certification does not come easy and will require a lot of studying in order to pass the certification exam and even with studying, there is only a 50% pass rate.

Before sitting the certification exam, an accountant would have to purchase a CPA course which can be expensive. As there are many different CPA courses an accountant could choose from, most will first look at cpa review courses in order to determine which would be the right one for them, considering their preferred learning techniques. The different courses cost different prices but most will contain the same information, just that that information is presented differently. Everybody knows the way in which they learn best as some will learn better if they get a large amount of information on a few occasions so they have time to absorb it whilst others prefer a little information more often, taking in a little bit at a time.

Some of the courses will have lectures that may last for several hours but others will have shorter lectures but more of them. A student can choose their own course, providing of course they pay for it but many of the courses offer free trials and that is perhaps the best option. Try a free trial and see how the information on that particular course is presented to see if it would suit your preferred style of learning. There are several websites which review the different courses and many of those will indicate which ones have free trials plus, they will make their own recommendations, based on what they know about the CPA exam and how each of the courses helped them.

As there is a fairly low pass rate for the CPA exam, many people that do hold the certification would have had to sit the exam at least two or three times and each time paying for a new study course. Even so, those people that did not pass on their first attempt still think that the time spent studying and the money spent buying the course material, twice, was still worth it in the end.

If you are currently a college student studying accounting and are considering taking the CPA exam later, you should be prepared for a lot more studying and also prepared to pay the price for the course. Try and ensure that you only have to pay once though by selecting the correct course for you in the beginning. Many of those that passed on their second attempt have said they may have passed first time round, had they bought a different study course in the beginning.